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Embarking on a Floral Adventure: A Heartfelt Masterclass Recap

Captured by Krysta Smith

Hello, fellow floral friends! With the wintery, cooler weather bringing some downtime to wedding season, finally I am delighted to share the extraordinary experience Lucy Hunter, aka The Flower Hunter, and I had right here in Australia, earlier this year. Our two-day Masterclass workshop, 'Creating your Floral Love Story', was nothing short of magical, offering participants a profound exploration of nature's influence on our artistry and the captivating ways we translate that inspiration into our work.

This Masterclass wasn't just about learning the mechanics of floral design, though; it was open to all flower lovers of all levels of experience, inviting them to pause, connect with their intuition, and delve deep into the elements of colour, form, texture, and movement that defines our floral narratives.

Day One

Day One commenced amidst the breathtaking beauty of Jonima Flower Farm in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Here, amidst the verdant fields and fragrant blooms, attendees witnessed the magic of cultivation unfold before their eyes. Over tea, coffee, and cake in the Flower Shed, we shared introductions and soaked in the wisdom of sustainable practices from Ingrid (owner/Floral Boss at Jonima), before being shown around the flower farm itself.

And let me tell you, there was a moment that truly grounded all of us in the reality of running a flower farm. Ingrid shared with us the raw truth of the challenges they face, especially in the wake of climate change; the threat of bushfires during the devastating Black Summers of 2019 and 2020 plus, the unpredictability of rain patterns since, has added multiple layers of risk and uncertainty. But amidst these challenges, Ingrid's resilience shone through. The families' dedication to their craft and determination to adapt to the changing landscape left us all in awe. It was a sobering reminder of the fragility of nature and the importance of supporting local farmers like Jonima Flower Farm.

Captured by Krysta Smith

The morning continued with creativity as my gorgeous friend Ash from Film + Foliage/Wildflower Academy took center stage, demonstrating her exquisite bouquet techniques and sharing insights into her design process. Participants then rolled up their sleeves to craft their own bouquets, guided by Ash, Lucy, and myself. Brimming with inspiration, attendees crafted bespoke bouquets to take home, beautifully captured for their portfolios.

Captured by Krysta Smith


Day Two

Day Two began with us all gathering in an industrial warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney, where we continued our journey from soil to vase. Lucy's mastery unfolded as she demonstrated the art of urn design, weaving seasonal blooms and natives into arrangements reminiscent of old Dutch paintings. Participants were then given their own bespoke-made concrete compote to put their learnings into practice; interpreting landscapes, moments, and memories through floral expression, guided by Lucy's expert eye.

Captured by Krysta / last image edited by Emmylou Kelly

Amidst all of the stories shared, and the laughter and learning, we explored the significance of styling, harnessing natural light, and storytelling through photography, with Lucy guiding us all. Each attendee left with their own garden in a bowl, a testament to their newfound insights and the beauty of embracing seasonal imperfections in floral artistry.

Captured by Krysta Smith

As a token of appreciation, attendees received a signed copy of Lucy's latest bestselling book, "Creating a Floral Love Story: Inspired by the Landscape". But the gifts didn't end there—as well as their concrete compote from Stoneform, each participant received exquisite hand-dyed silk ribbon from Songbird Silk, adding an extra layer of luxury to their bouquets.

This immersive 2-day journey wouldn't have been possible without the expertise and passion of my co-hosts: Lucy, Ash, and Ingrid. I'm reminded once again of the endless beauty and creative potential that surrounds us in nature, across all landscapes. May we continue to draw inspiration from the world around us, whether it be in the city or countryside, and retell our own unique floral narratives, in a way that may feel imperfect yet completely intuitive.

With love,

Krysta Smith

ps: if you'd like to be added to the waitlist to be notified about future Masterclass Workshops, please send your details to

Venue Day One: Jonima Flower Farm

Venue Day Two: Sydney Showroom Space

Caterer Day One: Wild + Grazy

Caterer Day Two: Wingala Chef

Edited by Emmylou Kelly

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