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Creating Moody, Sensual + Dramatic Florals

As a wedding florist, every event presents a thrilling opportunity to bring to life a couple's unique love story through the language of flowers. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a remarkable couple, Chloe + Adrian, who entrusted me with the task of crafting an ambiance that truly reflected their individual style and shared journey. Their wedding at the luxurious and opulent Novella on the Park became a canvas for me to showcase my creativity, resulting in an exquisite display of moody, sensual, and dramatic florals that left everyone mesmerised.

Captured by Fiona + Bobby Photography,

Embracing the Seasons: One of the joys of working with Chloe + Adrian was their openness to embracing the beauty of the seasons. We wanted to capture the essence of their wedding date, which fell during the transition from late autumn to early winter. The seasonal blooms and foliage we incorporated were rich in colour, texture, and depth, adding a touch of enchantment to their special day.

Moody Colour Palette: To bring forth the moody and sensual elements, we curated a colour palette that was both daring and romantic. Deep burgundies, velvety purples, and dark reds formed the base, while touches of blush, mauve, and mauve-hued greys added a softness to the overall design. These hues created an atmosphere of mystery and sophistication.

Abundance of Blooms: An integral part of our design approach was the abundant use of seasonal blooms. We opted for flowers like dark burgundy amaranthus, black calla lilies, red and black roses, and deep purple chrysanthemums to create depth and add drama. These blooms were juxtaposed with delicate touches of trailing phalaenopsis orchids, reflexed tulips, zinnias and roses in blush and mauve tones. The resulting arrangement exuded sensuality.

Exploring Texture: Texture played a vital role in enhancing the dramatic allure of the florals. We incorporated structural elements like crab-apple and maple branches and Chinese Flame (Golden Rain) branches to add shape and intrigue. Textural accents such as chocolate Queen Anne's Lace, after-dark, and pepper berry in various stages of bloom added movement, depth and visual interest to the arrangements.


My extremely talented friend (and ex-surf instructor - I mean, I had the one lesson!) - Nick Muir of Muir Weddings - came along and captured some incredible behind the scenes images of the set-up.

Unleashing Creative Freedom: One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Chloe and Adrian was the creative freedom they granted me. They recognised the value of allowing their love story to unfold through a personalised floral design. This trust empowered me to experiment with unique compositions, resulting in an unconventional yet breathtaking floral display.

Reflecting Their Love Story: The design we crafted for Chloe and Adrian encapsulated their love story beautifully. Every element, from the rich colors to the contrasting textures, harmoniously mirrored their journey. It was an ode to their deep connection, their shared adventures, and the passion that ignited their souls.

Conclusion: Designing the moody, sensual, and dramatic florals for Chloe and Adrian's wedding at Novella on the Park was a truly exhilarating experience. It allowed me to showcase the transformative power of autumnal flowers and create an ambiance that resonated with their unique style. The interplay of rich hues, abundant seasonal blooms, and intriguing textures brought their vision to life, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present.

As a wedding florist, moments like these remind me of the immense privilege I have in being able to weave together emotions and memories, one bloom at a time.

With love,

Krysta x

Wedding Photography @fionaandbobby

Portraits @horsleyestate

Stylist and florals @krystasmithfloraldesign

Videography @honeybearfilms

Behind The Scenes Set-Up photography @muirweddings

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