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Blossoming Under Ash's Guidance: A Floral Odyssey creating a ceremony backdrop at 'Wildflower Academy' Design Day

In the artful hands of Ash Wheelhouse, I learned to trust the journey and let the blooms speak as we created a large ceremony backdrop installation...

Immersed in the nurturance of the Wildflower Academy One to One Design Day, I found myself on a transformative floral journey under the mentorship of the incredible Ash, of Wildflower Academy + Luxury Floral Designer, Film + Foliage as we collaboratively created a ceremony backdrop. The day unfolded through our discussions on style evolution, musings on flower selections, and the magic of sketching out our shared vision.

Guided by Ash, the goal was to weave an organic yet modern floral backdrop that reflected our collective passion for romantic, whimsical and enchanting designs, whilst exploring ingredients I wouldn't normally have gravitated towards.

In her expert hands, I discovered the nuanced art of clustering blooms, forming triangles that would gracefully guide onlookers through our botanical narrative. It was more than arranging flowers; it was an immersive lesson in storytelling through florals.

The workshop saw the @academywildflower Flower Towers take center stage, and the innovative @oshunpouch became our experimental playground. Amidst laughter and heart-to-heart flower talks, Ash fostered a nurturing environment where creativity flourished, instinctive design encouraged and individual style was celebrated.

Together, we brought to life a captivating organic yet modern floral design, a testament to the wisdom and guidance imparted by my incredible teacher.

"Trust The Process" became our shared mantra.

The Wildflower Academy One to One Design Day became a poignant reminder that true beauty emerges when one embraces the creative process. Thank you, Ash, for helping me embrace mine!


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