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A Whimsical Celebration of Love: Romantic Florals at Zest on the Spit, Mosman

Welcome to the enchanting world of floral artistry, where love stories come to life through the language of flowers. As a wedding florist, there is nothing more fulfilling than weaving together a couple's unique love story and translating it into a visual symphony of blooms. Today, I am delighted to share with you the ethereal and romantic wedding I had the pleasure of creating for Alice + Geordie at the exquisite Zest on the Spit in Mosman. Join me on this whimsical journey as we explore how subtle pops of blush and pomegranate, combined with abundant seasonal blooms and trailing foliage, brought their love story to life.

Captured by Society Photography

Setting the Stage:

When my clients approached me, they expressed their deep love for florals and their desire for a wedding that reflected this. They gave me complete creative freedom, trusting me to design something that would truly capture their love story. With their vision in mind, I embarked on a journey to create an atmosphere that blended elegance with a touch of whimsy.

Colour Palette:

To infuse the celebration with romance, we chose a colour palette that complimented the chosen venue. Subtle pops of blush added a soft and delicate touch, symbolising a tenderness, while pomegranate hues evoked a sense of passion and ardour. These shades beautifully complimented the venue's natural surroundings, the time the ceremony took place, creating a serene and dreamy ambiance.

Seasonal Blooms:

One of the joys of working with seasonal blooms is the opportunity to incorporate nature's beauty in its purest form. For this wedding, I carefully selected an array of seasonal blooms to bring depth and variety to the arrangements. Delicate local roses, fluffy carnations, and lisianthus were chosen for their timeless elegance, while sprays of eucalyptus added an intoxicating fragrance to the air.

The Ceremony:

For the ceremony space, we designed a romantic corner arbour arrangement adorned with delicate blooms and foliage. The blush and pomegranate hues gently framed the couple as they exchanged vows, creating an intimate space.

Reception Splendour:

As the celebration transitioned to the reception, guests were greeted with tables adorned with enchanting centerpieces. Blush and pomegranate blooms spilled over, intermingling with cascading foliage, creating a tablescape that was visually stunning. Candlelight flickered, casting a warm glow on the delicate blooms, and adding an extra touch of romance to the atmosphere.


Designing and bringing to life a wedding that reflects a couple's unique love story is an honour I cherish deeply. This particular celebration at Zest on the Spit, Mosman, allowed me to channel the couple's passion for florals and create a whimsical wonderland that captured the essence of their romance. Through subtle pops of blush and pomegranate, an abundance of seasonal blooms, and trailing foliage, I was able to craft an enchanting atmosphere where their love story unfolded. As a wedding florist, it is moments like these that remind me of the power of flowers to evoke emotions, create memories, and celebrate the beauty of love.

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Krysta and her amazing team at For the Love of Weddings for any and all of your floral needs. Krysta was absolutely amazing the entire way through and truly went above and beyond in helping our wedding look like the whimsical fantasy out of my dreams. Krysta and her team fully understood everything that we wanted and helped so much by giving advice and hints about what would look best on the day. She was also amazing at keeping costs where we wanted them to be without sacrificing beauty and style. From the gorgeous bouquets and boutonniere to the honestly breathtaking floral styling for the ceremony and reception I was so happy with everything that Krysta pulled off. I will be forever grateful to Krysta for making the day of the wedding so amazing and would recommend her a million times over.
Alice + Geordie
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