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National Wedding Planner of the Year 2019

It feels truly surreal to be writing this, and I know that it’s going to take a while before it properly sinks in, but last Wednesday it was announced that I’d won national Wedding Planner of the Year at The Wedding Industry Awards.

The last few years have been intense, and at times intensely difficult verging on impossible. I lost my lovely mum in August of 2017 and much of 2018 has been coloured by grief. Grieving is a profoundly peculiar thing, in that it’s not finite. It’s a shape shifter, which can follow you through the good times as well as the bad.

Throughout this last year, alongside my amazing husband and two little divas, it’s been my work that has pulled me out of the fog. Connecting with wonderful people and helping them to host no-holds-barred celebrations of their love stories has served as a bit of a life-affirming fuel for me. I’ve made some incredible new friends, worked at a selection of stunning venues and poured my heart into designing weddings that are worthy of my beautiful couples.

So Many Thank Yous

I simply cannot adequately put into words how much this award means to me. Walking up to the stage on Wednesday to collect it (and trying not to fall down from the shock), I could feel how proud of me my mum is. It’s given me the biggest boost you can imagine, and I am sailing into 2019 feeling excited, happy and able to handle those little pockets of grief that still sometimes float towards me.

So a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of my couples of 2018.

Lotte and Dom, I love you guys for your legendary laid back attitude. Thanks for being game for a challenge and trusting me to put together a wedding on a seriously short timescale. You set the bar high when it comes to throwing an epic party, and I’ll remember the joyful dancing on the tables forever!

Claire and Paul, you are, quite frankly, a pair of dreamboats. Thank you for the brief that dreams are made of, for your friendship and your kindness. Your twinkling, candle-filled Rockley Manor romance will always be one of my absolute favourites.

Emma and Nathan, you two are a lesson in sheer style. Thank you for being so bloody gorgeous, inside and out. Garthmyl Hall is one of my favourite venues, and seeing it ringing with laughter and love at your wedding made my heart soar. So much love to you all.

Becky and Daniel, thank you for your vibrancy and big, bold, beautiful ideas. Your living coral colour scheme makes you well and truly trend-setters.

Andy and Ceri, confession time: I still love watching your wedding video, and every time it makes me grin from ear to ear. Thank you for making the whole planning journey so much FUN!

Nicole and Chris, thank you for being so so in love, and allowing me to create something unabashedly romantic to celebrate that. I still dream of your flowers and the strums of the acoustic guitar and beautiful singing that accompanied your ceremony. Goosebumps every time!

Donna and Chris, I want to go back to the woods and dance to a big brass band again. What. A. Wedding! Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone and for having such an amazing vision for your day.

Catherine and Matthew, thank you for your free spirits and warm hearts. The Matara Centre was the perfect venue for your gorgeous wedding, and styling it was a delight.

Jo and Charles, thank you for rolling with the punches when the power went out, for your vision and your love of detail. I adored working with you to bring your wedding to life.

I’m working on some incredible weddings for this year, and have so much planned for For The Love of Weddings that I can’t wait to share with you. Here’s to this year, let’s make it an amazing one.


Krysta x

Photographers in order of wedding:

Lotte & Dom - Katrina Bartlam, Captured by Katrina

Claire & Paul - Aga Tomaszek

Emma & Nathan - Natasha at Petal Blush Artistry

Ceri & Andi - Dan Morris Photography

Nicole & Chris - Jess Reeves Photography

Donna & Christopher - Katrina Bartlam, Captured by Katrina

Catherine & Matthew - Sam Gibson Photography

Joanna & Charles - Hannah at Rocksalt Photography

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