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Meet Krysta and the Team

Through the Language of Flowers...

In our studio, we recognise the transformative power of floral storytelling. Flowers have a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. Guided by the Language of Flowers, we embark on a journey to carefully select each bloom, color, and texture that reflects the nuances of your love story or corporate brand.


Our thoughtfully curated arrangements capture the essence of your journey, ensuring a truly bespoke and meaningful experience for you and your guests. Whether you are walking down the aisle or hosting a corporate event, our team is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that resonates with your unique vision. We listen closely to your desires and preferences, collaborating with you to design a captivating environment that exceeds your expectations.


Meet Krysta...

Krysta has been planning, designing and flowering weddings + events for over a decade.


She won UK National Wedding Planner of the Year in 2019, before relocating 'down-under'. Prior to becoming a wedding planner she managed medical exhibitions and events at trade shows across the globe for Oxford University Press.

Krysta's background gives her a unique perspective on each event she plans and designs, and her attention to detail is second to none.

Based in Sydney, proudly half-Italian, hailing from the UK, and having spent years living across Europe + Asia, Krysta can design your wedding wherever your imagination takes you.


Whichever direction your imagination takes you.

Claire  Paul wedding-1719.jpg

...and her team



Jill, the flower wizard and project manager legend, is the backbone of this business.


With Jill on the team, Krysta can focus on design and creation. She understands Krysta's vision for clients and is a problem-solving genius, handling fragile items, moving installations, and even fixing vans.


She delivers bouquets and assists with ceremony installs. She pays attention to details like pinning boutonnières properly and teaching how to hold bouquets. Additionally, she communicates with the flowers, encouraging them to shine their brightest. This energy resonates with us.



Kate, our buttonhole queen, brings client

briefs to life with exceptional technical skills.


With a background in landscape gardening, she's a botanical genius who cares for flowers from market to installation.


Kate's refreshing energy keeps us updated on floral trends and innovations, providing fresh ideas.


She ensures impeccable finishing touches and handles on-site tasks diligently, including steaming linens, polishing cutlery, lighting candles at the exact right time and keeping staff/guests off that freshly wrapped dancefloor!

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